The Total Author Package – $99 a month

Here’s what you will get with the Total Author Package:

*Set up of 3 social media accounts and /or add a bio, beef up profiles or content on existing accounts* (Goodreads, Amazon Author Page, Twitter, Facebook etc.)

*List and Promote one book a month, list books on my free book promo sites list… (They re-share on Social Media, FB, Twitter, Google+ – Goodreads, & Instagram)*

*A Guest Author & Book Spotlight on my Book Blog*

*Add your book to my “Hot Book Picks Page and Photo Gallery*

*Search Engine Submission – Add your NEW social media links, blog or website links to Search Engines.(Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., so readers find you and learn about your books)*

*Place Two low-cost book ads for book blitz throughout social media other than my own posts (prices not in Monthly Plan)*

*Order front cover promotional photo’s, Book Teaser Poster & one comes with a little video Trailer teaser of your book. (price not included in plan – Options cost $10 or $15)

*Read and Review your book, place reviews on Goodreads, Amazon* 

Includes Consulting and Referrals:

On-Going: Emails about other free, low-cost, and discounts from book sites to place the book and do free author interviews. Most are free or low-cost ads that get results besides Facebook and Twitter for Boost or Per Click Ads and they send Email and/or Newsletters to their large membership and subscribers of readers.

An example? ( Awesomegang Books & Readers allows you to submit and list your book free on their site, or a low-cost ‘Featured AD’ option AND … submit a FREE Author Interview as well to go with your book listing … I have many more.

On-going – Email Suggested Book Reviewers, Bloggers, and Author book marketing who will read and place book reviews on Amazon & Goodreads for free or small maintenance fee.



The Total Author Package
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